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Our mission is to make the Buxton community a
better place to live while having fun.


If you have any comments or suggestions, please email Buxton Improvement Group at  buxtonimprovementgroup@gmail.com

Minutes from the meeting on February 3, 2014

Meeting minutes from 12.2.13 were read by Ben Hershey.  Jeremy Billings approved as read.  Travis Hegg second.  All approved.

Treasurer Report - Dan Fuglesten

No outstanding Bills

$2388 in our account.

$777 was paid to Bobbi Olson from Traill County Historical Society Grant for Paint and Supplies.

$1664.44 plus the remaining budget from the Paint Grant.

Old Business

Still need to check on the taxes for filing needs.


+ 570 Sportsman $6000

+ 570 Razr $9700

+ Ranger UTV $9000

Another option discussed was a Raffle for Gift Cards to Scheels:

$2500 Grand Prize, 1 - $1,000, 10 - $100 prizes    500 ticket limit  $20 per ticket

Gary Fuglesten and Travis Hegg to talk with Scheels about a donation of Gift Cards

Dan to check on raffle permit

Gary Fuglesten makes a motion to move forward with raffle.  Brian Barclay seconds.  All approved.

Raffle will be held on June 28th during our BIG Day.

Gary brought up the idea of donating to “Socks for Kids”.  This event is generally held before Christmas.  We will keep this on our list of items to assist with next year.

Tentative Spring Clean-up for BIG during the last couple weeks of April or early May.

Citywide Garage Sale -- Possibly April 26th or May 3rd.  Need to gauge interest from community.  Flyer to advertise interest (call or email).  Door to Door solicitation on 17th of February.  Start at fire hall at 6:30pm. 

BIG Day - Fireworks will be donated by Big Top Fireworks in Cummings, ND.

Next Meeting March 3rd, 2014